Lake Hodges 7-30-2017

Oceanside Surf Contest 7-29-2017

The event was a surf contest for Women.  One of the surfers was riding a wave and went clear under the pier.   There were a lot of people and vendors there.  Too much fun.


Del Mar Fair Wood Working and Model Train Exhibits 6-29-2017

From the Del Mar Fair Wood Working Exhibit.  
We always visit this exhibit.  It really is the best in the whole fair.

The table below is made from olive wood and the blue is epoxy.  Really beautiful and unique

Model Train Exhibit 
Outdoors in the Garden Area
They really did a nice job on this.  Lots of fun.

We liked the buffalo roaming around!



The Rock March 2017

There is a large egg shaped rock in a field we have driven past for many years.  The field is just empty and does not get much attention.  As far as the Rock goes I have always thought  I would
like to have it moved to our front yard.  But that would be a lot of work with a crane and big truck.
The other day as I drove past I did not see the rock at all.  It had disappeared.  I kept looking
for it in vain. They may have hauled it away.  The mustard plants had grown up so tall that they may have covered it.   We had gotten more than usual rainfall.  Anyway one day I stopped the car and walked across the street, then up into the field.  It was really a good feeling to be walking in the mustard flowers that were well over my head.  Sure enough, I found the rock hidden in the mustard.
    I call them mustard plants but there is probably a better name for them.  There is some gray paint on one side of the Rock.  I suspect that someone went in and covered up graffiti.

The local train speeding past the field.